By Xavier Martinez

CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College will present Poetic Idol on Thursday on the Blackwood campus.

The event will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. in the Gabriel E. Danch CIM Center Auditorium. The event will feature CCC students and the strides they have made as freelancing poets. Members of the college community are invited to attend. Refreshments will be served until 7 p.m., at which time the recitation contest will begin.

The purpose of the event is to give exposure to students’ poetry as well as to provide a competition feel to encourage the students to share the best work they have.

“Everyone can benefit some way or another when reading or hearing poetry, especially when being presented from the original poet,” former CCC student and Poetic Idol competitor Julia Rios said in a story about a previous Poetic Idol competition on ccctimes.net. “Whether it connects with someone or simply sounds pretty, poetry is for everyone.”

Judges will choose winners from among the poetry presented by the students. The board of judges will consist of CCC faculty members who specialize in literature such as poetry. Prizes will be given to the first-, second- and third-place winners. It wasn’t specified what the prizes will be in this year’s version of Poetic Idol but past prizes were Barnes and Noble gift cards of up to $100.

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