By Cassidy Payne

CCC Journalism Program

Alliyah Hundley quarantines in her room. Screenshot on Facetime by Cassidy Payne, CCC Journalism Program

Alliyah Hundley quarantines after positive COVID-19 test

PINE HILL – Camden County College Student Alliyah Hundley is a 19-year-old English major. In her daily life, she juggles her schoolwork and her job at a daycare called Learning Experience, while still trying to make time for herself and her family. Outside of school, she enjoys creating art and spending time with her boyfriend.

However, her daily activities have come to a halt because she recently got diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Her symptoms appear

Hundley got tested on Nov. 7 after experiencing mild symptoms. She said her symptoms were fatigue, muscle soreness, coughing, shortness of breath and nausea. She has been quarantining in her room since that day. She received the positive test results on Nov. 9.

“It really sucks to miss everything I normally do because my sister just had her baby and I haven’t even held my niece yet. I missed being able to physically give my mom and my boyfriend their birthday gifts because I was in quarantine. And I usually celebrate with both of them so I missed out on that,” she said.

The only person she had been seeing outside of her family is her boyfriend and since he tested positive too, she said she thinks she got COVID-19 from him.

She tries to protect herself and her family

“What I’ve been doing to pass the time is basically just finally having the chance to catch up in my classes. I’ve been FaceTiming a lot with my boyfriend, my group of friends and even with my sister. I’ve also been painting,” Hundley said.

While Hundley quarantines, her mom brings up her meals and places them outside of her room. When she has to go to the bathroom, she wears a mask and disinfects everything she touches. After a few days, her symptoms have gotten better.

“I have to quarantine for 10 days but overall I’m feeling better. I have lost my sense of taste and smell but other than that I only have a cough,” she said on Nov. 13.

Hundley’s mom brought this meal up to her. Photo by Cassidy Payne, CCC Journalism Program

Her boyfriend feels concern

Her boyfriend, William Rodriguez, said the situation is disheartening because they have to be away from each other, which is unusual for them. They usually see each other the majority of the week and now can see each other only through a phone screen.

“I’m upset that we both have to quarantine right now but I’m just glad that it wasn’t more serious for either of us,” he said.

Hundley is nearing the end of quarantine, feeling better. Screenshot on Facetime by Cassidy Payne, CCC Journalism Program

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