By David D’Alonzo
CCC Journalism Program

Camden County College moved all its spring 2020 on-campus classes to online delivery because of the COVID-19 pandemic and decided to make all summer 2020 classes online as well. Some students said they prefer on-campus classes and are having a hard time adjusting to this new way of education.

A student uses a website for online schooling.

Dalton Aversa said he prefers in-person lectures over online lessons. He said the transition to online schooling was hard for him.

“When sitting in a classroom, you’re retaining at least some information. I’m not disciplined enough to sit myself and do the work when I should,” Aversa stated.

Nazjai Williams said she also prefers going to campus to learn and going into classrooms to attend lectures.

“The transition to online schooling was most definitely hard for me. I’m a visual learner and I need to be face to face to learn things,” Williams stated.

Kenny Leigh said he also prefers schooling to be in person.

“Being in person allows me to ask questions, grasp concepts better and interact with my fellow classmates to problem solve depending on the class,” Leigh stated.

However, he said the transition to online schooling wasn’t difficult for him.

“I’ve already been accustomed to using the computer to submit assignments. However, I was not used to doing all of my schoolwork online so this brought minor challenges such as doing my schoolwork on time and keeping track of my classes,” Leigh stated.

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