By Rachel Mai
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – When Alexis Dunn is not frying chicken at Royal Farms, you can find her doing freelance work as a makeup artist while pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse through Camden County College.

“I work at a chicken joint,” says Dunn when describing her work at Royal Farms. “My manager refers to us as chicken people.”

Alexis Dunn, 18, is a nursing student at Camden County College.

At Royal Farms, she fries chicken, works as a cashier and pumps gas. Dunn enjoys interacting with her customers and says, “The regular customers make me smile every time I get to see them.”

Although Dunn enjoys her work at Royal Farms, her plans involve helping people in a different way.

While taking care of her grandfather after his stroke, Dunn was inspired to help others through rehabilitation nursing. “I want to be a nurse to help others,” she says.

She is attending her second year at CCC and plans on transferring to Rowan University, which may eventually land her a dream job working at an acute rehabilitation center for stroke victims.

While attending CCC, Dunn is also a freelance makeup artist and earned her cosmetology license through Camden County Technical School. After working as a shampoo assistant at Clip n’ Snip in Woodbury, Dunn now specializes in prom and homecoming makeup. “I enjoy making people feel beautiful. It makes my work have meaning,” she says.

As to how she is handling isolation because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dunn says, “I’ve been reading the Bible a lot and I even tried baking a cake.”

Alexis Dunn shows one of her makeup looks.

She finds it difficult to adjust to online classes as a nursing major. When isolation is over, she says, “The first thing I’m going to do is get my hair done.”

In her free time, Dunn donates makeup and other essentials for women at homeless shelters, including donating makeup baskets to Doorways for Women and Families. She also enjoys listening to soft rock and indie music. Her favorite band is Amber Run.

Dunn is grateful for her loving friends and family. Her favorite thing to do with friends is hosting slumber parties and providing strawberry milkshakes from Royal Farms.

Robert Loos, Dunn’s friend from high school, says about her, “She is such a free spirit and loving person. She is loyal and always there for me.”

Dunn says, “I’m an open book. I feel my happiest when I’m around people and I try to live my life with no regrets.”

Dunn’s goals consist of eating pizza in Italy and seeing the Holy Land in Israel. She plans on living in Haddonfield, New Jersey, which she as a “small NYC.” As to how she sees her life 10 years from now, Dunn says, “I’ll be 28 so college stuff done, married and one kid would make a perfect life.”

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