Silver discusses spirituality on the radio.

By Nick Earnshaw
CCC Journalism Program

Coming to America is a different experience for everyone, but especially for David Ebogu or “Silver” as he likes to be called, his journey has been a unique one.

Silver was born and raised in the African country of Nigeria. He came to America when he was 12 years old with his mother and three sisters. His father had been in America before they arrived.

When he reached America he began to live his life in Lindenwold, N.J., and it is where he attended high school.

Adjusting to life in America was a little bit challenging at first for Silver. “It was challenging because I was having trouble fitting in.”

The United States was a bit different from Nigeria and it was tough for him to adjust. “The cultural shock was too strong and I was having trouble getting along with the other kids.”

Silver understood that the kids around him couldn’t really comprehend his background and point of view. He places blame on the schools and social structure.

After high school is when Silver believed it was when he really felt like the U.S. was home. “It was when I went off to college I saw a different side of America, a more matured side.”

Silver has been going to Camden County College off and on since 2014. During this period he was on his own and left his house. He ended up being homeless for a period of time.

He traveled to many states in the south and stayed in different areas. This is when he felt he really understood America. “I went to all of these places and then I really got the feel of the country and got to understand the people.”

In 2017 he returned to New Jersey and had another battle to face. He suffered a heart attack and this is when he had an awakening.

He credits the heart attack with changing his life for the better. It made him realize why certain things happen in not just his life but in the lives of others as well.

Silver is invested in the belief of spirituality because of the heart attack. He studies occupational therapy at CCC but is not interested in using it.

Instead he would like to spread his message and awareness of “spirit and vast heritage in all of creation, thus to help put an end to suffering on the planet.”

He considers himself an artist. Silver writes spiritual passages and composes and plays music from time to time, all of which express his spiritual lifestyle.

One person who has helped Silver with his messaging and encouragement in joining the college radio station is Joe Moore, who is CCC’s student government president and a friend of Silver.

Moore said of Silver, “I encouraged Silver to join the radio station because Silver had a message he wanted to get out there, a message that few men and women have heard.”

Silver now is living in Sicklerville, N.J., and is continuing to spread his message of spirituality.

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