By Suman M. Mitchell
CCC Journalism Program

Camden County on Jan. 1 began a ban on single-use plastic items at all county facilities, including the Camden County College campuses.

Camden County College begins a ban on single-use plastics one straw at a time. By Suman M. Mitchell, CCC Journalism Program

Single-use plastics are fossil fuel byproducts that are meant to be used once and then thrown out and, because they are nonbiodegradable, will end up either in a landfill or an ocean, experts said.

County facilities, including the college, were required to remove all single-use plastics, such as drinking straws, coffee straws, plastic bags and water bottles.

Lawmakers said the ban was a way to push for a greener, safer environment for wildlife.

Many CCC students expressed displeasure when they discovered the straws they used for their coffees and sodas were nowhere to be found recently. Other students said they did not know the change had occurred. Others said they knew the ban was coming but more could be done.

“Removing straws is a good way to go but they aren’t the biggest threat to the environment. They should readily have some kind of replacement, like free reusable bags,” said Christian Scott, a film student. He said it would probably take 10 years for people to get used to these everyday items being gone.

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