By David D’Alonzo
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Local singer and guitarist Anthony Freidlander, also known as 4:44, will perform March 12 in the Cougar Cafe on the Camden County College Blackwood campus. The event will be hosted by the college’s radio station, WDBK.

Freidlander, who is also known as Free as well as 4:44 (pronounced four forty four), grew up in the small suburban community of Bellmawr.

“Growing up until 2011, (which) was my sophomore or junior year of high school, we were playing pop punk and I didn’t hate it,” he said. “I listened to a lot of it but I felt like since there was not any other music, it started to feel stagnant and I could not listen to it anymore. It was always around and I went the complete opposite direction (with my music).”

He was in a band at this point of his life. He said he enjoyed it but then broke it off in 2011, knowing he needed to start his solo career.

“I think I was always trying to sing like AC/DC. One Christmas I got an AC/DC ‘Back in Black’ CD. As soon as I heard that AC/DC album … I decided to really start my solo thing seriously junior year of high school,” he said. “I felt it was something I just had to do and I didn’t care about anything else, except video games.”

He plays the piano, the drums and the bass but he said he primarily plays the guitar and sings. He records all of his music and plays most if not all the instruments in his original songs.

“Every album I do is a different genre, so I would say (my style of music is) like experimental singer/songwriter,” he said.

He said among the artists who inspire him and his music are John Mayer and U2.

“I collect a lot of CDs and records. I have a giant collection and I am always just buying stuff,” he said. “There’s a bunch (of artists who inspire me and my music).”

At the March 12 event, radio station members will give away CDs and will offer his most recent album, “DREAM-WAKE,” for purchase. He will perform his original songs as well as covers of other artists’ songs.

The performance will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Cougar Café on the second floor of the Otto R. Mauke Community Center on the Blackwood campus. Admission will be free.

More information about 4:44 is at https://linktr.ee/fourfortyfourofficial.

The performance by 4:44 will take place in the Cougar Cafe. By David D’Alonzo, CCC Journalism Program

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