By Marissa Santarlasci
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College and Rutgers University are touting their recently re-signed partnership as a way for Camden County College students to be Rutgers students from day one.

Camden County College and Rutgers University promote their partnership on a sign on the side of Taft Hall. By Marissa Santarlasci, CCC Journalism Program

Camden County College re-signed its partnership agreement with Rutgers University on Jan. 13, making political science the fifth major available for students to take on Camden County College’s Blackwood campus all four years. The partnership “provides a seamless transfer opportunity for Camden County College graduates” in all other majors, said Anne Daly-Eimer, dean of enrollment services for Camden County College.

The partnership gives students a chance to earn a Camden County College associate’s degree and a Rutgers bachelor’s degree for less than $30,000.

Five majors are available for students to take on the Camden County College Blackwood campus all four years or on the Camden County College Blackwood campus the first two years and on the Rutgers Camden campus the second two years. They are liberal arts, business administration, criminal justice, political science and psychology. For all other majors, the third and fourth years must be taken on the Rutgers Camden campus.

Krista Gonzalez, a Rutgers Camden student, transferred from Camden County College in the fall semester of 2019. “All my credits transferred. There were no issues with taking classes that would not transfer. I can still take classes at Camden County College campus if I chose to because they have my major, political science, as one of their degree programs,” Gonzalez said.

For Camden County College students in the partnership program, “the third year only offers the same tuition from years one and two through the Premier Partnership Scholarship,” Daly-Eimer said. This means if a student wishes to stay on the Camden County College campus in one of the five majors in which all four years are available there, they have a chance to pay the Camden County College tuition in the third year by applying for the Premier Partnership Scholarship but would pay the Rutgers Camden tuition in the fourth year.

Camden County College’s tuition is $4,440 per year. Rutgers Camden tuition for in-state residents is $14,835 per year.

“if students attend Rutgers Camden campus, additional transfer scholarships are available,” Daly-Eimer said. Also, “Camden County College will waive the transcript fee of $10 and Rutgers University will waive the application fee of $75 if students are interested in this opportunity.”

The Bridging the Gap Program that is part of the partnership “can dramatically reduce New Jersey families’ college costs by up to 100 percent at Rutgers University-Camden” and help students avoid or greatly reduce student debt, according to the Camden County College website. The amount of funding given to a student is based on family adjusted gross income.

Students eligible for this program must graduate from Camden County College with an associate of science, arts or fine arts degree and meet the admission requirements of Rutgers Camden. “To remain eligible for continuing the Bridging the Gap program on an annual basis, students must complete the FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) every year and maintain the necessary academic progress as outlined in their program,” according to the Rutgers website.

“Camden County College students will be eligible for Rutgers identification cards and have access to the library and fitness center,” Daly-Eimer stated.

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