By Alieu Turay
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College hosted an open house on Nov. 12 for students who plan to attend the college.

The event had tables with information about every program that CCC offers, along with the head of that program. The tables also included information about NJ STARS scholarship opportunities and details for transfer students. About 50 prospective students attended.


Camden County College’s annual open house displays tables about programs for students. By Alieu Turay, CCC Journalism Program

The hosts of the open house sought to tell prospective students about the opportunities that CCC offers and why starting their college life at a community college wasn’t as bad as it might seem. A constant response as to why people recommend and plan to go to CCC was because of the money they will save by going there.

Khyia Ward, a graduate of CCC, stated, “You get the same education as you would for a four-year school but for a lot cheaper.”

She said she didn’t have enough money to attend a university after graduating from high school, so she had to consider to pursue her education at CCC. It worked out when she had saved enough money to transfer to Rutgers University in Camden.


Khyia Ward (left), a psychology student, visits CCC during the open house. By Alieu Turay, CCC Journalism Program

Along with the educational programs that CCC offers, the college also seeks to make a student’s transfer to a four-year school smooth.

Kaitlynn Shawaryn, the coordinator of transfer services at CCC, stated, “We would have students who weren’t sure about what they wanted to major in, coming from a university because of the expenses, or just wanted to earn their associate’s degree.”

From there, the college also offers career services to help students build a resume, acquire work techniques and begin to decide on a career path, so they can narrow down what they need to do at CCC so they don’t waste time and money.


CCC President Donald A. Borden speaks to prospective students at the open house. By Alieu Turay, CCC Journalism Program

At one point during the open house, the prospective students were invited to the auditorium in the Connector Building to hear from CCC President Donald Borden. He encouraged them to discover more about the campus by exploring it themselves. He also assured the students that applying to CCC would be a wise choice.

Borden stated, “My daughter’s Rutgers degree didn’t say she attended community college. It is just the same as a regular Rutgers degree.”

Michael Nester, the dean of liberal arts and professional studies at CCC, also stressed the importance of making the right choice. He advised prospective students to get to know their professors.

Nester stated, “Don’t be afraid to talk to them at their office. That’s how they know you’re committed to your education.”

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