By Alyssa Barrett
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – On Nov. 5, the same day as the disheartening hate protest (see Shouts of hate echo in the courtyard), Joseph Moore discovered some affirmative news – he is now the president of the Camden County College Student Government Association.

Voting began during the Welcome Back Barbecue on Sept. 25. “It’s hard to get students to vote,” said Associate Dean of Students Jacqueline Tenuto. That is why the voting was continued online until Oct. 25.

As to how he felt about being the new student government president, Moore said, “I feel really excited for the next two semesters coming forward. I’m so excited just to work with everybody and get started on this, this is going to be great.”

Moore said the first thing he plans to do as president is improve communication between the students and student government. He said he wants to start off strong with this plan by putting up flyers around all buildings on campus to give students information on how to contact the student government association.

About the process of running for president, he said, “I think it was a calling that I wanted to go for because I thought that’s where I could do the most good.”

He said he prepared for running by watching politics and took note that many politicians are not truthful, saying things simply because it’s what others want to hear. When students asked about changes they wanted to see, like free school, Moore responded honestly. “There’s some things that can’t happen,” he said, “It’d be awesome and I hope it happens, but it’s not going to affect this presidency whatsoever because we’re not going to have any say in it.”

Reihannah Herring, a student at CCC, said she is excited about Moore’s victory. “I know that he’s gonna do great things for CCC,” she said with a smile on her face.

Since the beginning of the school year, Moore had been running against Louis Childs-O’Dowd, who assumed the role of vice president because nobody ran for it. Childs-O’Dowd said he is looking forward to serving in this position. “I mean I’m happy to be in executive leadership. I’m happy to be working with Joe.”

The other positions on the student government were uncontested. Melissa Davila is now the executive officer of the Camden campus and Colin Colebrook Jr. is now the secretary of the Blackwood and Camden campuses.

Joseph Moore (left) converses with Louis Childs-O’Dowd. By Alyssa Barrett, CCC Jourrnalism Program

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