By Quashawn L. Love
CCC Journalism Program

A proposal to allow college student-athletes to receive payments for endorsements and uses of their image in New Jersey is drawing mixed reaction from students at Camden County College.

State Sen. Joe Lagana and State Sen. Sandra Cunningham, both Democrats, are co-sponsoring a bill introduced Thursday in the state legislature that would allow student-athletes to earn money for the use of their names, images and likenesses and would allow student-athletes to hire agents and attorneys.

California recently became the first state to adopt a law that allows agencies to pay college student-athletes. The law is scheduled to take effect in 2023.

The NCAA continues to oppose paying college student-athletes.

Camden County College students expressed a range of opinions on the topic.

“I think (allowing college student-athletes to get paid) is a great idea because I believe that true talent deserves a reward and these students should start receiving compensation while they are manifesting in their talents,” said Camden County College student Luis Santos.

However, Camden County College student Trinity Price stated, “This is just a way for agents to make a substantial amount of money off of talent they’ve never had or have no knowledge of how to use it.”

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