By Caitlyn O’Sullivan
CCC Journalism Program

Camden County College’s transfer partnerships with area universities are growing, the college’s transfer services coordinator said recently.

Rachel Kane, a Rutgers partnership student, studies with a study group. By Caitlyn O’Sullivan, CCC Journalism Program

The college’s partners – Rutgers University in Camden, Wilmington University and Fairleigh Dickinson University – offer Camden County College students in some majors a chance for an easy, inexpensive way of transferring and then taking university classes on the Camden County College campus. The partnership with Rutgers began in 2006, with Wilmington in 2018 and with Fairleigh Dickinson in the fall of this year.

“2017, the first fall I was here, I saw 88 students (seeking to transfer), last year I saw 450 and this year is projected to be even higher,” Kaitlynn Shawaryn, coordinator of transfer services, said last Wednesday.

The partnership with Rutgers is the most popular one among Camden County College students, according to the Rutgers-Camden website.

Because it is a longtime partnership, institution officials reevaluate it every five years, Shawaryn said. “Rutgers is under reevaluation. It’s normally not big changes, curriculums change sometimes and the GPA requirements may change a little bit.”

Rachel Kane is in her third year at Camden County College with the Rutgers partnership as a nursing student. “It can be really hard to transfer and this one makes it easy because it’s for transfer students. I like that aspect. It’s very convenient,” Kane said. “Camden County College will flat give you all the courses you need, none of that they won’t take this or that credit.”

This is what Shawaryn said she believes is the most beneficial aspect of Camden County College’s partnership programs. “It’s important because the sooner you know what you want to do the better. We can map out exactly what classes you need and don’t need and where you can go with them.”

Shawaryn said since she started in 2017, the communication between Camden County College and its three partners has consistently improved. “The different departments are very receptive and want our students to join the partnership. They are very responsive to ideas like joint open house with just the transfer students.”

The Rutgers partnership covers five majors, the Wilmington partnership covers three majors and the Fairleigh Dickinson partnership covers two majors.

Camden County College does not plan to add any universities to the list of partners soon, Shawaryn said. However, college officials are always open to new partnerships and “they especially look at career trends as well as what majors are popular for Camden County.”

Shawaryn said she hopes to increase the marketing of the partnerships so more information can be spread to all the students and “possibly even explore taking bus trips places. We already do that to Stockton (University, with which Camden County College has an informal relationship).”

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