By Matt Tenuto
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College students hosted and celebrated World Cultures Day on April 2 with dances, music and posters.

World Cultures Day ran from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Connector Atrium on the Blackwood campus. Until two years ago, it was known as International Day.

Visitors enjoyed a fashion show, where students modeled traditional clothing from their cultures. Students also performed dances, songs and played traditional instruments from their culture. The atrium was filled with posters made for each country that listed popular foods, buildings and interesting information the average person who has never visited would not know.

Business administration major Jonathon Torres discusses Dominican Republic culture. By Matt Tenuto, CCC Journalism Program

“It is always important for us to open our minds and continue to learn about other countries, cultures and their peoples,” said Colleen Doyle, English as a Second Language learning coach and adviser for the World Cultures Club, which organizes World Cultures Day. This is Doyle’s third year running the event. “With such an amazingly diverse student body at CCC, we have a wonderful opportunity to learn about the countries they are from firsthand with the posters our students create and to witness a bit of their cultures with their clothing, singing and dancing.”

Among the countries represented at World Cultures Day were Vietnam, Ethiopia and the Dominican Republic.

The display for the Dominican Republic included many posters with in-depth information about the culture. The facts included: A celebration called the Carnival marks the independence of the country. The flag is red, blue and white. Some common instruments played in the country are the guitar, tambourine, accordion and merengue. For breakfast, eggs, rice and toast are eaten. Snacks consumed are fried plantains and hojuelitas. Rice is typically incorporated into the meal. One common meal is sancocho, mango, white rice, with meat and snap beans.

“When I visited the Dominican Republic to see family, they had flan with raisins and it’s so much better than regular flan,” said Jonathon Torres, 25, a business administration major. Torres smiled talking about his culture.

Italy was also represented at World Cultures Day. This was the first year when students performed traditional Italian dances at the event.

A poster listed Italian dishes, including common ones such as pizza, lasagna, spaghetti and bread and less common ones such as ribolitta, risotto and prosciutto. Ribolitta is a soup that consists of vegetables, beans and bread. Risotto is a dish that has creamy rice with chicken or beef stock. Prosciutto is a dried ham that is much more than a lunch meat. Some sweeter foods from Italy are gelato and tiramisu. Some cheeses from Italy are parmesan, bufala mozzarella and ricotta. Drinking coffee in Italy is considered a better drinking experience than in other countries.

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