By Tahja Norman
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Gloucester Township police officers interacted with Camden County College students and workers April 19 at Coffee with a Cop in the Cougar Café.

Gloucester Township police officers attend Coffee with a Cop. By Tahja Norman, CCC Journalism Program

Members of the Gloucester Township Police Department visited the café from 9 to 11 a.m. to address concerns and questions about law enforcement. Students and workers got an opportunity to speak with the officers, followed by an opportunity to enjoy coffee and bagels.

Jenna Busko, 18, a student from Barrington, New Jersey, said she spoke briefly with the officers. “It was about being a psychologist in legal systems. I basically have to be an expert even after college. I have to do a self-study. I asked what would I have to do to be a psychiatrist involving legal systems. It gave me an insight on how much more I need to learn.”

Officer David Vannoni, 31, of Blackwood, New Jersey, said he thought the event went well. “We had a good turnout. It’s always good to have interaction with local members and community members. I think it helps us to understand each other better and it helps us to do our jobs better. Anytime we get to speak to the community members, it opens my eyes to different perspectives.”

Jordan Pitts, 18, of Haddon Heights, New Jersey, said he learned officers are trying to get teams in the community involved more. “I experienced law enforcement trying to do something positive. It means to me that there are still some good cops out there. Small changes matter, too.”

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