By Kayla Rundstrom
CCC Journalism Program

Students and professors at Camden County College welcomed the recent news of the college’s re-accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Spanish Professor Yamileth Ildefonso

The 10-year re-accreditation given to Camden County College shines a light on the college’s achievement of acceptable levels of performance in many standards, according to the school website.

A Camden County College student, Grace Chapline, responded to the re-accreditation, which was announced March 28. “It does change my opinion on the college in a positive way,” Chapline said.

With the process being mainly behind the scenes, many students, including Chapline, were unaware. “I did not realize the college was acclaimed,” said Chapline. “But the college has proved to be a good learning environment and has a good teaching staff.”

The administration at Camden County College was much more involved. Spanish Professor Yamileth Ildefonso said the staff spent the last few weeks preparing to prove that Camden County College deserved its re-accreditation. Some staff members spent the last several years evaluating the college in anticipation of the visit by Middle States representatives in late March.

“We were all very informed and involved,” said Ildefonso. “It is not a one-time deal. We must meet all the requirements and there are assessments in our own department. It is taken very seriously.”

However, being re-accredited does not mean the efforts to make Camden County College one of the best teaching institutions in the area stop, even if all of the core standards are met. “Quality education is a process and we are committed to educational growth and progress,” Ildefonso said.

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