By Grace Reed
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Students at Camden County College are sharing their experiences and thoughts on the registration process and whether they find it to be effective.

Academic advisers always recommend registering for classes as soon as possible after registration opens for the upcoming semester, but this is not always achievable. Some students at CCC find themselves too busy to begin the relatively time-consuming process of registration. Others find the process to be a source of anxiety, particularly when it involves the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. All of the offices related to registration uphold relatively strict deadlines for application. The time at which students utilize these services generally dictates the type of semester they will have. However, this is not the case for everyone.

Thomas Fite is a first-year student at CCC who admitted to enrolling for classes three days before the start of the current semester. He said, “It limited my options, but I’m fine with things as they are right now.” Fite spoke of having a bit of an issue with some of the advisers but ultimately had no major complaints. He also stated he was unaware of many registration deadlines and thus had no issue with them.

On the other hand, there are students like Richard Terruso. Terruso is in his second year at CCC and stated he typically registers for classes early. For spring 2018, he had the process completed two days after registration opened. Regarding the Student Center at college, his responses were overwhelmingly positive. “(The staff members) were very patient and very accommodating,” he said. As for the various guidelines as well as deadlines in place for financial aid and class registration, he believed them to be fair.

According to documents provided by the Student Center, enrollment is a six-step process. It begins with applying for admission and then completing FAFSA. Students are then required to take a placement test. After that has been completed, students may meet with an adviser, register for classes and make a payment. Students are given multiple opportunities to drop their classes if they desire. For the current spring semester those deadlines were Jan. 16 for a full refund and Jan. 30 for a partial refund. Students can decide to drop classes all the way up until March 30, but they will not be reimbursed.

Assistant Dean for Student Development and Support Jackie Tenuto stated traffic to the Advisement Center peaks around registration, although she wishes students would utilize advisement services throughout the semester. It was found that in December, about 1,000 students sought advisement.

As to whether she notices students experiencing stress about registration, Tenuto said she believes there is less stress than there is concern. Students “want the right class with the right professor,” she stated.

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Registration takes place in Taft Hall, the student services building on Camden County College’s Blackwood campus. By Grace Reed, CCC Journalism Program

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