By Malaysia Scott
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College offers courses with class sessions of 50 minutes a day three days a week, 75 minutes a day two days a week or 150 minutes a day one day a week. In the eyes of some students, not all class times are created equal.

“Longer classes are more involved, shorter classes mean less time, so you’re anxious to get out of shorter classes,” said student Celimari Sostre.

“It’s OK as long as you have an in-between. I have lecture then lab, one hour and then break,” said student Alishia Vincent about her 2 1/2-hour class.

Student Jocelyn Meija prefers the 50-minute classes. It “makes it a shorter day. If I have four 50-minute classes and I start at 8, I’m done by 2,” Meija said. She stated her 2 1/2-hour night class is a straight run that has no breaks because she doesn’t have a lab.

Academic adviser Lillie Howard said, “The college offers each format so students can pick the format that best suits them.” She noted the variety of lengths “fits all kinds of learning styles” and “all classes cover the same information.”

However, “most students want the Tuesdays and Thursdays because they only come in two days a week,” Howard said of the 75-minute-a-day classes.

No matter what length of sessions a student prefers, in the end all the classes equal out at 2 1/2 hours a week.

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