By Alison M. Wood
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Some students with responsibilities outside of school are wondering if tutoring center hours will ever expand or become flexible to accommodate their obligations.


Anand Tikekar, a business administration student, takes advantage of free tutoring in applied calculus. By Alison M.
Wood, CCC Journalism Program

“Tutoring hours are not convenient for individuals who work during the day and attend school at night,” Elvia Lebron, a mother and criminal justice major at Camden County College, said of the tutoring center in Taft Hall on the Blackwood campus. The center is a free resource for all CCC students.

“Online tutoring states it is available 24/7 but this is inaccurate in my experience,” stated Lebron. “I tried to access online tutoring a little after 12 a.m., at which time I received a message they were searching for a tutor. About five minutes later it was communicated to me that unfortunately no one was available to help at that time and to try again later. If online tutoring is not available 24/7, then changes should be made as a lot of parents do their homework while their children sleep.”

Lebron suggested adding weekend tutoring sessions.

“I create the schedule each semester based on the courses that are running and the tutors’ availability,” said Barbara Palmer, coordinator of tutoring services. “The tutoring center is open until 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and schedules are available on campus and online. It is important to try and provide as many options as possible for all of our students here at Camden County College.”

About Lebron’s complaint about the availability of online tutoring, Palmer said she could not provide a solution because she had “never heard of this concern” in her time in the job.

About expanding tutoring hours and offering later sessions, Palmer said, “The college closes at 8 p.m.,” making it unlikely such things could happen. She added it’s difficult to find tutors who are willing to stay on campus at such a late time.

More information about tutoring at Camden County College can be found at camdencc.edu via the Student Life tab. Students can access the “live chat tutoring” there as well.

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