By Moira Solano
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Camden County College Honors Program is growing and its lounge is expanding.

Jennifer Hoheisel directs the honors program at Camden County College. By Moira Solano, CCC Journalism Program

The Honors Program is designed for students who have shown academic achievement. “Students already enrolled at CCC in any associate degree program will be invited to apply as long as they have completed between 12 and 24 college credits and have earned an overall grade point average of 3.5 or higher,” according to the program’s webpage.

The Honors Program Lounge in the Otto R. Mauke Community Center is under renovation. Electrical work, which was the start of the changes, began on Feb. 14. Workers began to remove walls on Feb. 19. The work is expected to be completed after spring break.

Among the additions to the lounge will be a cell phone booster, electrical upgrades, new computers, new furniture and TV monitors that can be turned off at any time. The size of the lounge will also grow.

The main reason for the renovation was to fix the periodic power outages that happened in the room, said Jennifer Hoheisel, the Honors Program director. Adding TV monitors will help public safety officers make sure members of the campus community are safe.

“We’re just getting the benefit of some extra goodies and upgrades because we’re next to Public Safety,” Hoheisel said.

In an email announcing a study break for current members and orientation for incoming members on Feb. 26, Hoheisel wrote that the newest group totals 54 students, “our largest in the program’s 10-year history.”

Nancy Raftery, the Honors Program assistant director, said students should take advantage of what the program offers.

“You need to be involved,” Raftery said. “The more involved you are, then the better off you’re going to be.”

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