By Keith Moffett
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Cyber Café is home to many different meals and entrées, but one menu item is consistently a popular seller and that is the pizza.

The Cyber Café’s pizza is a hot item on the menu for many returning customers, making it the best-selling item at the Cyber Café, says head cashier Jean Lapento, a 13-year veteran who sees pizza slices fly off the counter. She thrives on the positive reviews and says, “Students tell me all the time how much they love the pizza.” She recounts after some students leave CCC for a new school, they return and say, “They need Tony’s (head chef) pizza and soups again.”

Most in the café recently, such as Joe Lipomi, a student in his final year at CCC, agree the pizza is delicious. He is a regular customer who says, “the pizza tastes fantastic, and the service is great, too.”

His friend, Ryan Dodd, also enjoying a slice of pizza, adds, “I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t like the pizza, to be honest.”

Some people feel differently, however. Taylor Mason, a student in her first year, says, “The pizza is not very good. They make the dough and freeze it, which makes it unappealing. You can tell it’s not fresh.”

Head Chef Tony Loschiavo, who has worked at CCC for 16 years, describes the pizza-making process: “We start out with raw sauce that we make here, and we have dough that we stretch out from 16 inches to 20 (inches), we sprinkle fresh cheese, and then we create all different kinds of pizza to sell throughout the day.”

Loschiavo is unfazed by the poor reviews, saying, “We are going to keep the same recipe, we sell a lot of pizza.”

He adds students come running into the café after 2 p.m., which is when he stops cooking the pizza, and are disappointed they have to eat something else on the menu.

You can find Chef Tony’s picture next to the checkout line of the Cyber Café under the heading, “Passion for Culinary Excellence,” where you can also learn about the fresh ingredients he and his team from Sodexo food service company have to offer.

And if a picture isn’t good enough, you can sometimes find Chef Tony standing near the main register, alongside Lapento, serving their pizza every day.

pizza pic

From left, students Prince and Meron Teklay Justin buy pizza and soda from Jean Lapento in the Cyber Cafe. By Keith Moffett, CCC Journalism Program

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