By Joshua Roman
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College’s radio station has experienced growth in the last several years as the station attracts more students and conducts more events.

Ethan Torio walks by 91.5 WDBK while on his way to class. By Joshua Roman, CCC Journalism Program

WDBK is a 100-watt, non-commercial radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day seven days a week from its studios on the Blackwood campus at 91.5 FM, according to the college’s website. The station’s mission is to provide a “real-life radio” learning environment for CCC students who want to pursue a career in broadcasting and communications.

The Federal Communications Commission granted the station a broadcasting license in 1983, according to FCCinfo.com. The college listed the license for sale on the website govdeals.com in 2014 but got no bidders and the listing has been taken down.

The station underwent a rebuilding phase in 2014 with a change in the station manager and a shift in focus to making the station better known and a place where students can grow and learn.

“We went from a station that played a smorgasbord of music to a station that had a tighter format. We definitely had some growing pains in terms of how to deal with different personalities, learning how to handle different events and how to make everyone happy and still stay on format, but I look back and smile on what we built at the station,” said Kyle Nardine, who was a music director at the station from 2014 to 2016 and now attends the University of Central Florida.

The college-owned station also put a system in place with a goal of student growth. “When I was at the station there was a system in place and it was very organized. There were different departments in the radio station that you could be a part of and it was a great learning opportunity,” said Ethan Torio, a member of the station’s audio department for two semesters.

The station changed managers again at the start of the spring 2018 semester, when Dana Burnett replaced Chris Passanante. Burnett declined to comment about the direction of the station; however, some flyers have been hung around campus promoting the station and WDBK recently hosted a Mardi Gras party.

“Throw some more station parties on a regular basis and more information in mass newsletters about the station,” Torio suggested as ways to keep the station growing.

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