By Khalif Holmes
CCC Journalism Program

Camden County College offers a free online course called Finding Happiness and Success. Lawrence J. Danks, assistant professor of business, created the course to help high school and college students, anyone seeking motivation and inspiration, and people wishing to reinvent themselves in a new career.

The course appears online. By Khalif Holmes, CCC Journalism Program

Unlike other online courses, it has no tests, no grades and no deadlines. The information is divided into 15 segments of guided reading, starting with Getting Started – Finding Happiness and ending with Becoming a Better You. The segments are accompanied by thoughts and comments from Danks and other resources are provided.

Following the 15 segments are three appendices: Your Unfinished Life – Finding Happiness and Success Through Kindness, For College Students: You and Your Future, and inspirational quotes.

The course intends to show participants being happy and succeeding in life are not always about having loads of money and motivation does not come easily for everyone. The information in the course is a starting point for setting goals and improving one’s outlook on life.

Danks said he cannot track how many people have used the course; however, the students in his classes use the course for readings.

The course can be found on ccc.webstudy.com. To access it, you must log in using happiness as the username and success as the password.

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