By Tatyana Davis
CCC Journalism Program

Dr. David Edwards was appointed vice president of academic affairs by the Camden County College Board of Trustees on Oct. 3. He began his tenure at Camden County College on Nov. 1.

Edwards came from Mercer County College, where he served in the same position for approximately two years. Edwards also worked as dean of arts and sciences at Middlesex County College and as dean of instruction at Hudson Community College. He said his passion for hard work and student success are helpful qualities for a collegiate vice president.

Edwards received his bachelor’s degree in English from Louisiana State University in 1977. “It’s a very valuable degree to have,” said Edwards.

He received his master’s degree in education from The University of Texas and in 2015 he obtained his doctoral degree in educational leadership from Rowan University.

Edwards has worked in higher education for 25 years. He has taught English composition, communications and thesis writing for students trying to obtain a master’s degree.

Edwards said his first impressions of Camden County College are very positive. He said the college is very organized institutionally and administratively.

“Resources for the faculty and staff are more than adequate,” said Edwards. He described the college as a “healthy institution.”

A typical work week for Edwards is very busy. He has meeting after meeting, each lasting 30 minutes to an hour.

“Every day is a full day but nonetheless I like it this way,” Edwards said.

Every day, usually at noon, Edwards said he reserves an hour for “thinking time.” He’ll use that time to catch up on the news, read and think about new ideas.

Edwards is learning about the institution and engaging with faculty and staff. Edwards said not only does the faculty enjoy the students but the students enjoy the faculty.

T’Mara Morris, a student at Camden County College, agreed, noting the courses and programs are valuable and well presented. “I enjoy attending Camden County College. The faculty is very helpful and I’ve met a lot of great, like-minded people,” Morris said.

Edwards said he believes one of the college’s strengths stems from the well-organized administration. “We also have a great, collaborative president,” Edwards said of College President Donald Borden. “A good president listens to what others have to say and takes an account of what needs to be improved on.”

Within the next year, Edwards said he plans to implement Guided Pathways to Success. This is a system that will allow students to have a clear map to what courses they need to take leading up to graduation with plans to transfer to a four-year college or employment.

Edwards said he also plans to implement the Academic Master Plan. All of the academic divisions and departments will put together a plan with goals and objectives for the next five years. Courses and degree programs will be a part of the plan. Edwards said the plan will be the blueprint for what the college does for the next five years.

“Everything we do in academic affairs is built on student success,” Edwards said.

Dr. David Edwards stands in his office. By Tatyana Davis, CCC Journalism Program

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