COSPLAY.FELICIANO: Many cosplayers from all over the area gather in Morristown to show off and become their favorite characters.

MORRISTOWN 11/17/17 – 11/19/17

Cosplay has quickly gone from a closet hobby to mainstream over the years. It’s now something that can be approached openly by anyone with or without any form of experience across many conventions. DerpyCon in Morristown, New Jersey was no exception. Cosplayers from in state and out of state gathered at the Hyatt Regency to show off their cosplay(s), meet with (or make) friends, enjoy various panels, or participate in the masquerade contest. During the weekend of the convention, various cosplayers have shared some of their feelings as to what ‘Cosplay’ means to them and a little insight on personal favorite cosplays and a dream cosplay.



Angel Fox posing as Alice Angel from ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine. Photo provided by Sean-Michael Feliciano


Sarah ‘Angel Fox’ Reiger has been cosplaying for about 9 years as of DerpyCon. Out of her cosplay line-up, she has expressed that her favorite cosplay is Yang Xiao Long from the web-based series RWBY. To the question of “What does cosplay mean to you?” Angel Fox replied, “It’s dressing up as your favorite character. Bringing them to life and having fun with those who do the same.” As of right now, she revealed that her dream cosplay is Sailor Moon’s Princess Serenity.



Hellfire Queen (Center as Dabi from My Hero Academia)  and Angel Fox (Left As Toga, also from My Hero Academia) taking a bellhop for their villainous shenanigans. Photo provided by Sean-Michael Feliciano


Christina “Hellfire Queen” Zerbo is no stranger to cosplay as well, having done so for 8 years as of this convention. Alongside Angel Fox, Hellfire Queen’s personal favorite cosplay is also from RWBY: Neo Politan. One of her dream cosplay is The Queen of Blades from Blizzard’s classic RTS series Starcraft. “Cosplay means having fun, being able to be your favorite characters and step into their worlds from a first-person perspective with your own added twist. It’s about a community that comes together to enjoy the same or similar hobbies and ideas that is open to everyone.”



Panda Girl presenting the debut of her Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls) Interpretation. Photo provided by Sean-Michael Feliciano


Emily “PandaGirl821” Thomas is no stranger to dressing up with her background in theatre alongside her 4 years of actual cosplay at conventions. Her favorite cosplay is the one that made its debut at DerpyCon which was her interpretation of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. As for one of her dream cosplay, Panda Girl expressed her interest in cosplaying Tali from the Bioware trilogy Mass Effect. “Cosplay means to play. Expressing your love of a character or show by embodying it. I cosplay from shows and games that had an impact on me in one way or another. The community is expressive and inclusive, diverse and dedicated, and I love being a part of a cosplay community to share love and support without hate or shame.”



TonixTempress posing as Yurio from Yuri on Ice. Photo provided by Sean-Michael Feliciano


Antoinette “TonixTemptress” Savitt has been cosplaying since she was only 9 years old (18 years as of now). In terms of dream cosplay, Toni mentioned that her original dream cosplay had already been completed (Joey Wheeler from Yu-Gi-Oh) but mentioned that one of the next on her dream list would be Dragoon Meru from the PS1 cult classic The Legend of Dragoon. In terms of favorite cosplay, she responded with her Yurio cosplay from Yuri on Ice also mentioning she does not like to pick favorites because she loves all her cosplay equally and puts just as much love, care and effort into everyone she works on. “A way to express myself in a way that makes me feel confident. I love showing my love for a character, I usually get so into the characters that I almost become them. It also helped me meet some of my closest friends.”



Flowithit’s ‘Smug Wendy’ cosplay in her best yoga pose.



Erin “Flowithit Cosplay” Savino has been cosplaying for 4 years and becoming popular for cosplaying as Flo from Progressive with her signature Flo body pillow (Which is also her favorite cosplay from her entire line-up). Along with Flo she is known for Persona 4 and 5 cosplays such as Yukiko Amagi and Ann Takamaki (In her Panther attire) and dreams of one day cosplaying Teddie’s full bear suit from Persona 4. “Cosplay to me, means becoming a character today and making friends with similar interests to you.”



Angel Fox (Left) and Hellfire Queen (Right) as Alice Angel and Bendy from ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’


The cosplay community welcomes anyone who is interested in giving it a shot, regardless of skill level in terms of crafting cosplay. Anyone who is curious and/or nervous should go for it and give it their best shot and show off what they create. The community has been very accepting of newcomers, giving advice and resources on where to go to improve themselves. Cosplays jump from a closet hobby to the mainstream shows just how much progress has been made over the years. Don’t be afraid to give it a shot at the next convention near you.

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