By Megan Hrynio
CCC Jounalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The last of five Workshop Wednesdays for the spring semester, a session on how to pass a math final, took place April 19 in the Presentation Room in Taft Hall. The workshops were intended to help students succeed in their academic endeavors.

Dr. Kelly Jackson, who specializes in mathematics, presented the workshop, called How to Pass Your Math Final. This was the third workshop in which Jackson participated. The previous two were How to Use a Ti-84 Calculator and Study Strategies.

Before the workshop began, students were asked what math class they were in so tips about the final exam could be given to them later. The session began with a PowerPoint presentation that gave examples of what to expect on a math final. All math finals are cumulative and can either be made by the professor or be a generic department exam.

General information about test-taking strategies and study tips were shared. The main points were separated into two key parts – preparation and what to do during the test. Preparation for a math final includes saving old tests to review them and practicing problems in the back of textbooks and workbooks. The majority of problems that appear on the exam are from the books for the class, just with some numbers changed, Jackson said.

“Study the stuff you’re good at to avoid disaster,” Jackson declared as the most important piece of advice. Many students skip over studying the material they’re good at because they believe they have already mastered it, which leads them to make small mistakes during exams, such as using the wrong mathematical sign.

During the test, students should glance over the whole test before attempting to answer any problems. Also, they should read all of the directions carefully to prevent mistakes, Jackson advised.

“Do the questions you know first. That way, it builds confidence,” Jackson said. By finishing questions they know, students can accumulate easy points to achieve higher grades, because they complete those questions before time runs out. Also, by doing this, students have time to visit the problems they are not familiar with and may not have luck finishing.

The four students in attendance listened, took notes and asked questions. The presentation lasted about 40 minutes.

Jackson concluded the workshop by ensuring the students got everything they needed out of the workshop. Though no mathematical material was presented, students left knowing what to expect on their math final and how to study for it effectively.

The previous installments of Workshop Wednesdays in the spring semester were How to Study Smarter not Harder, Note Taking Skills, Career Builder and Resume Writing.

Although many students do not take advantage of tutoring on campus, Workshop Wednesdays will return in the fall semester, said Barbara Palmer, coordinator of tutoring services, who organizes the workshops.

“We will continue to run Workshop Wednesdays and we are hoping in the future more students take advantage of these workshops,” Palmer said.

Kelly Jackson presents How to Pass Your Math Final, the last installment of Workshop Wednesdays for the spring semester. By Megan Hrynio, CCC Journalism Program

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