By Muthia Riziany
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Five students attended a resume writing presentation April 5 in the Taft Presentation Room.

Speaker Joe Santone stands near a display in the Taft Building Presentation Room on April 5. By Muthia Riziany, CCC Journalism Program

Career Coach Adviser Joe Santone shared information about the best method of building a resume at the presentation. The Career Coach program offers students information they need to apply for jobs. Santone’s office on the second floor of Taft Hall is open to students who need help building resumes, want information about job opportunities and seek to connect to targeted companies.

Santone said the purpose of the presentation was to show students the value of a resume, how it is interpreted and, most importantly, some of the best practices to prepare a resume.

In the presentation, Santone described rules to build a resume that students usually do not know or understand.

“The most important thing to build a good resume is to keep it neat, organized, truthful and concise,” Santone stated. Mostly, students misunderstand what should be in a resume and how long it should be. They include information about achievements from elementary school on and they think a long resume will be impressive. However, potential employers do not need past information that is not related to the job requirements. A resume should also be understandable.

“Every student’s end goal is to complete his or her education program and enter the workforce or take his or her career to the next level. A resume is a key to communicating your education and/or work experience credentials to prospective hiring managers. A well-written resume is a resource that can get you in the door and into the interview,” Santone said.

Students have difficulty building resumes because they are busy focusing on their education and do not have much work-related experience to include on them, he stated.

“In situations like these, we take the student’s education accomplishments, highlight and translate them into bullet points that jump off the resume page and give the potential employer an idea of what this person is capable of,” Santone said. He noted the importance of developing the student’s grade point average to be considered to include in the resume.

“I hope it helps the students to grasp the idea of what’s involved in crafting their resume that speaks to their personality, skill set and accomplishments,” Santone stated. He hopes he can work with more students to build or enhance their resumes and he plans to continue a series of career presentations in the fall semester. The topics will be resume building, career/job search practices and interview preparation.

Roseline Angerville, a student from Haiti, said the presentation gave her more knowledge about building a resume. “I thought it’s better to put the information as much as possible in the resume, but I learned that the shorter the better,” Angerville said, noting she needs Career Coach help to update her resume.

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