By Eric Viereck
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College hosted a holiday bazaar Dec. 7 on the Blackwood campus. The event, which took place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Connector Building, was hosted by the Office of Student Life and Activities.

“I started the holiday event as a way to get students more engaged in the campus. Because we aren’t just one religious-based organization, I wanted to do something that was festive that would get students together and still be a holiday activity,” said Jacqueline Tenuto, assistant dean for student development and support. This was the third year she worked on the event.

During the bazaar, students walked around and checked out art items ranging from paintings to sculptures.

Student Pete Eckenroty attended the bazaar for the first time and said he was looking around when he spotted “a terrarium with a cool … shell in it.” He said he bought it because “I have a couple of terrariums all over” and it would be a gift for his mother.

Art student Devin Bartdett made the terrarium that Eckenroty bought.

“I’m very quick to make art. A lot of times it takes a couple of days,” Bartdett said.

He said the art connects with students.

“They can communicate on what they like and how they feel at the bazaar,” he said.

Bartdett was one of several art students who displayed their artwork for purchase.

The bazaar also had treats such as hot chocolate and holiday cookies. A disc jockey played music throughout the event.

Tenuto said the bazaar was supposed to have a giant snow globe for students to walk inside of and take photos but it didn’t arrive on time, so the event had statues resembling two elves and the Abominable Snow Monster from the holiday special “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” for taking pictures instead. A professional photographer shot the photos and they were digitally printed for the students as gifts.

Afterward, Tenuto termed this year’s bazaar better than last year’s and said “over 300 students had photos taken.”

The holiday bazaar takes place in the Connector Building. By Eric Viereck, CCC Journalism Program

The holiday bazaar takes place in the Connector Building. By Eric Viereck, CCC Journalism Program

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