By Jenna Jablonski
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College held a workshop Dec. 1 to show students how to compose resumes and cover letters.

Students listen to Joe Pranzatelli give tips on creating resumes By Jenna Jablonski, CCC Journalism Program

Students listen to Joe Pranzatelli give tips on creating resumes. By Jenna Jablonski, CCC Journalism Program

Joe Pranzatelli, Career Center coordinator at CCC, held the resume and cover letter workshop at 1 p.m. in Connector Building Room 105. Four students attended. Two workshops are held on the Blackwood campus and two on the Camden campus each year. They usually run for an hour. The workshop was written by Accenture Business Management Consultants with help from the CCC Career Center.

“Having a resume and a cover letter are the rudimentary tools needed to begin a successful career,” Pranzatelli stated. He noted CCC holds these workshops to provide professional guidance and education.

Pranzatelli said a resume is a marketing brochure and it’s the first thing a potential employer sees from a job applicant. He said providing a good resume helps an applicant land an interview.

Pranzatelli said a good resume should include name, contact information, objective, education, skills, work experience, awards and activities. Pranzatelli said an applicant should include an objective only if the applicant has a specific goal with the company to which the resume is given.

The contact information should be a mailing address, telephone number, email address and Web page address, Pranzatelli said, noting the importance of having a professional email address and voice mail message.

He advised students to avoid vague sentences and to include their grade point average only if it’s 3.0 or higher.

He showed examples of how to write each section of a resume. Students copied down his examples.

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression,” Pranzatelli stated.

Pranzatelli called a cover letter a guidance system that connects the dots. He said a job applicant should send a cover letter with a resume, attaching the resume at the end of the email.

“You’re not just jumping and saying ‘hire’ if you use a cover letter,” Pranzatelli stated.

He gave examples of how to write a good cover letter. Students took notes about the examples.

Steven Bowman, a CCC student in the Garden State Pathways program, said this was the first workshop he attended. He said the workshop will help him compose his resume and he would recommend the workshop to other students.

“I think that they would appreciate the knowledge of how to complete a resume,” Bowman said.

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