By Joshua Hawkins
CCC Journalism Program

CHERRY HILL – Camden County College hosted an information session Nov. 22 at the Cherry Hill campus for current, former and returning students interested in the college’s nursing program. About 10 people attended.

Cindy Nguyen says the information session helped her. By Joshua Hawkins, CCC Journalism Program

Cindy Nguyen says the information session helped her. By Joshua Hawkins, CCC Journalism Program

“The November 22nd session went well and there were lots of questions from the people in attendance,” said Colleen Clark, the nursing adviser at the college. She has been presenting nursing information sessions at the Blackwood, Camden and Cherry Hill campuses of Camden County College since March. A session is set up for each semester at each campus.

At the session, students were presented with information that can help them succeed in the nursing program. Clark provided the participants with her contact information and said she usually receives communication from about 75 percent of the participants looking for more information about the program.

“I believe that a few of the good outcomes of attending the information session is that attendees receive information about the nursing programs available at CCC, they also learn about how to be prepared to transfer to a BSN program, and they receive contact information for someone they can reach out to for further guidance,” Clark said.

“According to the feedback we receive from students who attended the session, students say that the session is valuable, informative and answered many questions to help start to guide them along a nursing career path,” said Audrey Brooks, the director of the nursing program. She said more students attended the session prior to enrolling than did those who are already in the program.

Cindy Nguyen, who attended the session, said she is planning on attending the college in the spring. “The session was very helpful and I am glad I was able to attend because it kind of gives me an idea of what to look forward to when I start the nursing program and I also know who I can contact if I need some information,” Nguyen said.

Sessions such as this one “offer different dates/times to meet the needs of potential students interested in a career in nursing and information is geared toward the associate degree in science that can lead the potential student to becoming a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or other associated nursing programs,” Brooks said.

Information from the session is placed on the college’s nursing program website at http://camdencc.edu/academics/departments/nursing/info-sessions.cfm and Camden County College’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/camdencc.

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