By Shavhon Bouche
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College offers students a little guidance to make their college experience a little easier.

The tutoring center at Camden County College is offering a new service for students to help them be successful during their college experience. The service is offered from 1 to 1:30 p.m. on two Wednesdays a month in Taft Hall.

The most recent session, on Nov. 16, was about managing and reducing stress. The presentation lasted about 20 minutes and provided ways to manage stress in school or outside of school. Brooke Spagnolia, the student success advocate at CCC, conducted the session. which included slides and discussions.

A major key to reduce stress is to avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar, according to the first slide in Spagnolia’s presentation. She said caffeine works as a stimulant, alcohol makes people restless and sugar causes energy crashes. Many think sugar and caffeine help but they do more damage than good, Spagnolia said.

Physical activity can reduce stress, according to the next slide in the presentation. Stress increases the level of some hormones, such as adrenalin, but running or walking will break down the adrenaline and lower the stress, Spagnolia said.

Regular physical activity also improves sleeping habits, which can lower the stress that’s caused by lack of sleep, according to the presentation. Spagnolia said it takes the body about 30 minutes to prepare for sleep. She said ways to sleep better throughout the night include putting the phone on a table away from the bed.

Meditation, yoga and talking to someone are other ways to manage stress, according to the presentation. A YouTube video called Mindfulness, A Guide to Meditation showed attendees how to meditate and be aware of their bodies.

Control, such as by managing one’s time and using proper resources to complete tasks that need to be done, is the best way to handle anxiety and stress, according to the presentation. Spagnolia said three ways to keep things in control are to make a list, keep a schedule and complete a goal.

Lastly, she said rest benefits the mind, body and soul by giving them time to recover.

Richard Erskine, a Camden County College employee, records each presentation so it can be viewed at any time at http://www.camdencc.edu/tutoring/Workshop-Wednesdays.cfm.

Spagnolia said the tutoring center came up with the idea of offering these free, short presentations because “we wanted to offer another service for the students.”

Upcoming sessions are listed on the events calendar at http://www.camdencc.edu.


Brooke Spagnolia conducts the presentation on How to Handle Stress on Nov. 16 in Taft Hall. By Shavhon Bouche, CCC Journalism Program

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