By Jade Chandler
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College held its annual fall transfer fair from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 16 in the Connector Atrium on the Blackwood campus.

Students and representatives attend the transfer fair. By Jade Chandler, CCC Journalism Program

Students and representatives attend the transfer fair. By Jade Chandler, CCC Journalism Program

About 40 neighboring colleges and universities attended the fair looking for whom international admissions assistant director Chang Liu of Temple University called “goal-focused students.”

The fair allowed CCC students to speak to college and university representatives about their future endeavors in their education. Students not only had the opportunity to speak to recruiters but also had the chance to become knowledgeable on the requirements they need to attend the institution of their choice.

“I may not get the chance to meet a lot of students but when I do, I have around four or five really great in-depth conversations,” said Darian Murtagh, director of transfer admissions at Chestnut Hill College.

Hundreds of students walked in and out of the fair between classes throughout the day.

Quenten Pollard, a freshman at CCC, plans to transfer from community college after completing two years. He expects to receive his associate’s degree in communications before transferring.

“The transfer fair allowed me to consider colleges I never thought about before,” Pollard said, noting attending the fair benefited him because he “learned all about different colleges,” which will help him in his decision when he moves away.

Steve Phillips, coordinator of transfer admissions at Stockton University, has been attending the CCC transfer fair for about 25 years. “I would rank this fair in the top 5 percent compared to other schools. It is always well organized and this particular fair is very successful,” Phillips said.

Linda Drexel, assistant dean of enrollment services at Camden County College, said she invited a multitude of colleges to which “past Camden County College students showed an interest in going.” Students visited many of the visiting institutions’ tables but, Drexel stated, “Every year the most popular colleges are Rutgers, Rowan, Temple and Thomas Jefferson University.”

Drexel, who has administered the fairs at CCC for more than 20 years, said she plans the fair to accommodate the students the best.

“We hold the fair on Wednesdays because that is our busiest days. Also, our fair is actually longer than most college transfer fairs to meet the needs of all of our students with different scheduled classes.”

Transfer services assessments were handed out to several students to help them find and get in contact with their desired universities.

CCC holds a transfer fair every fall on the Blackwood campus and every spring on the Blackwood and Camden campuses.

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