By Christopher Kitchen
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College students respond differently to Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s plans to end poverty in the United States.

Maximilian Carfagno has a moderate approach to the presidential candidates' views. By Christopher Kitchen, CCC Journalism Program

Maximilian Carfagno has a moderate approach to the presidential candidates’ views. By Christopher Kitchen, CCC Journalism Program

Clinton, the Democratic candidate, and Trump, the Republican candidate, have different ideas on how they would tackle the problem if elected president. Voters will choose the next president Nov. 8.

Clinton’s website proposes an equal pay act, which would require equal pay for equal work. Clinton also claims to support increasing the minimum wage and making college more affordable.

Her plan to fight poverty would also be handled through her tax plan. Her website suggests the U.S. needs an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

“Hillary is committed to restoring basic fairness in our tax code and ensuring that the wealthiest Americans and large corporations pay their fair share, while providing tax relief to working families,” states Clinton’s website.

Full-time student TJ Young of Blackwood said Clinton has the correct plan to take on poverty.

“I feel that the rich should start paying their fair share of taxes. We’ve recently seen inequality in regards to the income that the rich receive versus the amount that they pay in taxes,” said Young.

“I definitely think college should be more affordable. (That) is an investment in the middle class that will then pay off with a generation of workers that aren’t chained to these ridiculous loans,” Young continued. “I think increasing the minimum wage would help stimulate the economy by putting more money in the hands of middle class people.”

Trump has a different approach to ending poverty in America. Though his website doesn’t specifically address how he would end poverty in the U.S., Trump’s plan lies within issues such as tax reform and immigration reform.

Trump’s plan suggests by handling illegal immigration, the U.S. government will in part fix the poverty issue. His website suggests by removing illegal immigrants who avoid paying into the government system, the nation will find more jobs for working-class citizens.

Trump’s website also advocates for reforming the tax code as a contributing factor to handling poverty. His plan calls for lowering taxes across the board and ensuring big businesses have neither too much nor too little money.

Part-time student Maximilian Carfagno of Merchantville has a moderate approach to the candidates’ plans to end poverty.

“I was always taught to vote with your pocket. Since I’m currently a student, it would probably be more favorable to go toward more affordable education,” said Carfagno. Carfagno added when education is no longer a priority to him, he would begin to vote based on issues that would then matter most to him, such as taxes.

“(However) I believe that illegal immigration is a problem,” Carfagno said. “They’re not paying taxes and they’re doing undocumented work because job creators want to pay less.”

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