By Obinna Agbor
CCC Journalism Program

Workers at Bancroft, a regional provider of educational, social and vocational services for disabled children, say they see pros and cons in the presidential candidates’ ideas to improve childcare in the United States.

Holly Blackiston works as head teacher at Bancroft. By Obinna Agbor, CCC Journalism Program

Holly Blackiston works as head teacher at Bancroft. By Obinna Agbor, CCC Journalism Program

Democrat Hillary Clinton said she believes “every child should have the tools and skills to thrive in tomorrow’s economy, especially those kids from our most vulnerable and at-risk communities.”

Clinton wants to make preschool universal for 4-year-olds in the United States so every child can have a better start and equal opportunity to attend a good school.

Bancroft Head Teacher Holly Blackiston said she has faith in Clinton’s plan. “She has already proven she has done a lot for education and for the children through her years when she started in Arkansas, so I think she will continue to do that.”

Clinton also wants to double the investment in the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Visiting Program, which pays for social workers or nurses to assist new parents with taking care of their children.

Blackiston said she likes the idea. “It is a good idea for children that are struggling in the classroom but I don’t see it happening soon because it might be unusual for students that don’t need it.”

Republican Donald Trump said he wants to rewrite the federal tax code so working parents can enroll in a tax-free childcare savings account and stay-at-home parents can receive the same tax deduction as working parents receive for childcare costs. This will bring federal tax policies in line with the needs of today’s families, Trump said.

Blackiston said she doesn’t think Trump will be able to do that. “I don’t think he has enough to back up his policies because there are too many people that came out to say his polices are the worst.”

About giving stay-at-home parents the same tax deduction for childcare as working parents, Assistance Teacher Samantha Daniels stated, “It’s going to be very hard for him to do that because we are going to be in so much debt.”

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