By Mark Betteridge
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The 2016 United States presidential election is in the homestretch, and citizens at Camden County College are looking ahead to the economy’s future after the vote.

Bruce Seddon discusses what he hopes the economy will be like under the next president. By Mark Betteridge, CCC Journalism Program

Bruce Seddon discusses what he hopes the economy will be like under the next president. By Mark Betteridge, CCC Journalism Program

Student and voter Bruce Seddon said his economic wish list includes a system that would give all Americans “affordable living, because no one should kill themselves for a good living.”

While Seddon did not state which candidate he’d like to see employ his economic vision, staff member Reneé Pollard said she would like to see a stabilized economy under Democrat Hillary Clinton. “Number one, I want stability to be maintained in debt issues. While (Republican Donald) Trump is a businessman, he doesn’t feel the knowledge to tap into the issues; whereas, Hillary is more prepared. She was a former secretary of state and has a connection to sources. I’m not sure if Hillary’s plan would work, but what I know right now, it would help.”

Student Joe Lipomi said he dreams of an economy ripe with job increases, specifically a bolstering economy under Trump, who has promised to “create a dynamic booming economy that will create 25 million new jobs over the next decade.” Lipomi said he believes while Trump would get “off to a rocky start, he would improve the economy over time because he’ll bring jobs back to coal miners, steel industries, etc.”

Student Aaron Hummell said, “I feel like the economy needs a boost. We’re a laughingstock.” Hummell suggested “taxes need to be raised for the rich,” the U.S. needs “a better program than Obamacare,” and “there should be background checks with taxes to avoid people cheating the system.” Hummell said he is confident an agenda like that could be accomplished under an administration by Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Professor Michael Vescey stated an economy under Trump would harm the country. “(Trump) doesn’t understand the Federal Reserve,” Vescey said, and “Trump’s tax cuts for the rich that are twice as high as George W. Bush’s would cause another recession.”

While many Clinton supporters are optimistic about her promises to help families meet the challenges of the 21st century economy and to make sure corporations, the wealthy and Wall Street firms pay their fair share of taxes, student Danielle Gordon said she feels uncertain. “She changes her stance on a lot of things, but she does know what she’s talking about,” said Gordon.

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