By Luca Salas
CCC Journalism Program

Voters are wondering if Democrat Hillary Clinton can win the presidential election amid the criminal and ethical accusations surrounding her campaign.

Kevin Duckett has not decided for whom to vote for president. By Luca Salas, CCC Journalism Program

Kevin Duckett has not decided for whom to vote for president. By Luca Salas, CCC Journalism Program

Among the criticisms, Clinton has been accused of destroying more than 30,000 official emails from a private email account and she has been accused as secretary of state of trying to cover up the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi where four Americans, including the ambassador, were killed.

The former first lady has claimed not to know the “C” in emails signified they were “classified.” She stated she used her Blackberry and private email account “as a matter of convenience.”

The controversies have resulted in Republican Donald Trump’s calling her “crooked Hillary.”

Clinton supporter Julie Fitzpatrick of Bellmawr said she is disappointed by the controversies but it hasn’t swayed her decision to vote for Clinton. “She is a strong woman, a confident woman, a powerful and intelligent woman and she still has my vote.”

Fitzpatrick has worked at polling places for the last three elections. “I was surprised at the low turnout in the past and I don’t expect this election to be any different,” she added.

For freshman Danielle Nicklas, Clinton’s support of legislation to provide free tuition for community college outweighs other issues with the candidate. “Of course I want a president I can trust but you can’t ignore the debt young adults are facing before they even get started in life,” Nicklas said.

Undecided voter Kevin Duckett of Bellmawr said he believes Clinton’s attempt to downplay her wrongdoings “is laughable.” However, Duckett conceded “she can come out on top. Not only do I think it’s possible Clinton can win despite these allegations, I believe she will win.”

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