By Seth Ezbicki
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Now well into the season, the Camden County College men’s baseball team is assessing what they have done so far and expressing high hopes for the rest of the season.


Outfielder and pitcher Frank Angeloni and outfielder Jason West, practice in the parking lot next to their home field in the rain. By Seth Ezbicki, CCC Journalism Program

The Cougars find their season is starting off pretty well. “The team is off to a way better start” than in recent season, says pitcher and catcher Ryan VanSnick. They were sitting in first place until Saturday, when they suffered two losses to Middlesex, giving the team its first two losses in its division and conference. The team is 11-8 overall.

“We want to definitely get to the World Series and we have the talent to do so,” VanSnick states.

Assistant coach and recruiting coordinator John Merkh says by the halfway point of the season, a record of 20-10 is probably a realistic goal. He is expecting about 30 to 35 wins out of his team this season.

Merkh says he is “definitely happy with spring training in Myrtle Beach.” Every game was close. They did not lose by many runs and they were winning by about three runs.

Previous seasons, such as last season, have not started as well for the Cougars. VanSnick and Merkh attribute the better start this season to the increase in experience of the team. VanSnick says he can see the difference in skill level and intelligence. Merkh says last year the team had many freshmen and this year the many sophomores can lead the freshmen.

Merkh says the Cougars usually make it into the playoffs and are expecting to do well in them this year.

The team will play its next game home on the Blackwood campus at 3 p.m. March 29 against regional and conference opponent Rowan College at Gloucester County. Merkh says RCGC is “usually a national powerhouse.”

The rest of the team’s schedule this season can be found at http://njcaaregion19.com/team/13/3/1775.php.

The standings for this season can be found at http://njcaaregion19.com/sport/13/3.php.

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