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Collegiate press association honors two CCC alumni

By Taylor Catling and Autumn R. Caraballo
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College alumni Frank Rosa and Kevin M. Hayes were recently awarded by the New Jersey Collegiate Press Association for their Web projects published in the CCC Times.

Frank Rosa grins inside his car. Photo courtesy of Frank Rosa

Rosa won first place for his project, called “Chemistry major does big things at college.” Hayes won third place for his project, called “All work and some play make Jon a student worth noticing.” The projects were published in November as part of a journalism class assignment.

Rosa, now a 24-year-old junior studying communications at Rowan University, said he felt very humbled upon finding out that he had won the award and it proved to him that hard work does pay off. “Hopefully this will facilitate the process of me getting an entry-level position into a communications department at a corporate firm,” Rosa said.

Hayes, now a 26-year-old junior studying communications at Temple University, said that winning this award “felt pretty good.” He added, “I actually found out while waiting for my journalism research class, so I’m sure there’s the slightest bit of irony to be found there.”

Kevin M. Hayes smiles in his close-up. Photo courtesy of Kevin M. Hayes

The New Jersey Collegiate Press Association’s goal is to assist journalism students to produce better newspapers along with creating job, internship and scholarship opportunities. Along with recognizing Web projects, the association each year gives awards in other categories, including news writing, feature writing, biography and editorial.

Rosa’s award-winning project is at

Hayes’ award-winning project is at

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