By Dana Berger
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – For the second year, Camden County College students who have earned their associate’s degree can gain priority admittance to Rutgers University to earn their bachelor’s degree.

The two schools formalized their partnership agreement in September 2014 and it became fully implemented in the fall of 2015. The agreement allows CCC students who have their associate’s degree in business administration, psychology, criminal justice or liberal studies to complete their bachelor’s degree at Rutgers. Eligible students have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 and are guaranteed space availability at Rutgers, allowing them to transfer seamlessly.

The program allows students more control over their educational plan by alleviating some of the common issues associated with a four-year education. It lessens the financial burden and eases the uncertainty of the college admittance process. Students are able to earn a degree at their pace by taking courses on the Blackwood campus of CCC.

Liberal arts student Victoria Stoliarova, 19, is two semesters away from completing her associate’s degree and transferring to Rutgers. “I feel like it takes away some of the stress,” she said about the program. “It’s nice to know that two years from now I’ll be exactly where I want to be and not competing for space at Rutgers. (It) takes out some of the guess work.”

In its second year, the partnership is attracting more student interest and this increase in awareness is visible throughout the campus. Rutgers at CCC flags have gone up in parking lots and halls and informational printouts can be found on bulletin boards and tables. The schools are now more intertwined than ever and will continue in their joint effort to provide education to South Jersey residents.

Students can learn more and enroll in the transfer program at the Rutgers-Camden Advisement Office in Taft Hall or at http://www.camdencc.edu/rutgers/index.cfm.

Rutgers decals are on the windows of the Connector Building at Camden County College. By Dana Berger, CCC Journalism Program

Rutgers decals are on the windows of the Connector Building at Camden County College. By Dana Berger, CCC Journalism Program

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