By Matthew Harris
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Camden County College Blackwood campus has thousands of computers and hundreds of teachers, but not all the teachers know how to work the technology in their classrooms.

“The full-time teachers generally get trained in how to work the technology in their rooms. The part-time teachers get none,” said help desk representative Pete Lewandowski. The help desk representatives work in the Office of Information Technology (OIT) in the Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) building on the Blackwood campus and help teachers and students work through any technical problems they may have.

“I have had a few of my professors struggle with getting the projector to work in their classroom,” said first-year student Jose Hernandez. The technology in the classroom is important to how the class runs. If one thing fails, the class cannot run smoothly, especially in the CIM building, where many technology-heavy classes take place.

“At the beginning of the semester we get at least 20 calls per worker here in the office, but as the semester goes on, the calls become less frequent,” said Kevin Gaines, another help desk representative. Teachers are not warned of any update to the software on the computer, even though they may be comfortable with the programs they have on the computer in their office or classroom.

“Most of the calls we receive are teachers asking for help with their projectors, logging into their email, or they just ran out of space on their computer so now they can’t save anything,” said Gaines.

“Most teachers just forget the training that is given to them. It’s at the point they contact us for help,” said Lewandowski.

But there are some problems the help desk cannot fix and that is when they call for help from the technicians. “We are currently trying to see if we can get a deal so that the help desk and the technicians can work together to get some of the problems on campus done quicker. We have just started to see if we can make this happen but there have not been any new developments recently,” said Gaines.


The help desk office is in the CIM building on the Blackwood campus. By Matthew Harris, CCC Journalism Program

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