By Seth Ezbicki
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Now in the middle of its second semester as the Blackwood campus’s student services center, Taft Hall is receiving compliments from staff and students.


Greeters Matthew Stauffer and Zeenat Noor helps John Orsino find the enrollment services. By Seth Ezbicki, CCC Journalism Program

The campus’s most recent renovation project cost $10 million, according to the college’s website. It was intended to help students register for classes, obtain guidance, find financial aid help and receive other services by putting all those offices in one convenient location. Other student services, including student employment and the disability services office, have also relocated to Taft Hall.

Customer service manager Robert Settanni said he feels the building is an improvement to student services, which had been spread around the campus. “It’s one-stop shopping,” he said.

Settanni said he has heard no criticisms about the functioning of the building but has heard compliments from “a lot of people, staff, students and employees.”

Alivia Kerr, a nursing major, attends classes on the Blackwood campus and is in her second year. “It’s so much easier,” she said of obtaining services.

She said she hasn’t taken advantage of many of the services the building provides but she has gone through the registration process before and after Taft Hall’s renovation. “Over there you would have to go to advisement and then pay at the other building,” said Kerr when comparing the two processes to enroll in classes. Now she can do both in one place.

Contact information for questions about services Taft Hall provides and more can be found at http://www.camdencc.edu/about/Administration-Office-Contact-List.cfm.

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