By Patricia A. Korte
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Blackwood campus of Camden County College is in the process of outsourcing its student transcript process, said Director of Student Records Bunny Kohl. As a result, the college will be able to send all of its requested transcripts electronically.

A flood of students requesting to send their community college transcripts to four-year universities, most commonly encountered during spring semesters, causes a repeating lack of transcript paper in the student advisement office. As a result, Camden County College in Blackwood has proposed to switch to electronically sending transcripts. The “proposal has been submitted to the college lawyer for review,” said Kohl.

Currently, students are encouraged to fill out a transcript request form online or in person at Taft Hall on campus. When students need an immediate copy of their transcripts, according to Camden County College’s website, students can go to the Records and Registration Office in Taft Hall and pick up a copy in person.

As of now, if students fill out the request form online using their WebAdvisor account, students must type in the receiving university’s name in the provided box, followed by the state in which the college is located. If students click on New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware in the dropdown box list of states, their transcripts will be instantly electronically sent compared to the 24- to 72-hour processing time of manual delivery.

“If we go with outsourcing the transcripts it only takes a few minutes to send the transcript once the request is made,” stated Kohl in an email.

Currently, only 50 percent of student transcripts are electronically delivered and if the college’s proposal is passed, that number will jump to 100 percent.

When asked if this projected switch was a good idea, Camden County College student Joseph Marakowski stated, “It makes sense. It saves paper and money.” This college sophomore added, “And it will be faster to send the transcripts via email than traditional mail or person to person.”

Adrianna Beck, another sophomore at Camden County College in Blackwood, stated, “I think it’s an OK idea if executed correctly. I think the switch should have happened a little earlier considering that you can request transcripts electronically already.”

If all goes as planned, Kohl projects the switch to be complete by the end of summer 2016.

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Welcoming staff member Matthew Stauffer stands at the entrance of Taft Hall on the Camden County College Blackwood campus. By Patricia A. Korte, CCC Journalism Program

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