By Reet Taylor
CCC Journalism Program

Dec. 1 marked the deadline for students finishing up at Camden County College during the 2015 fall semester to submit their graduation applications. The deadline date helps build a routine process for advisement offices throughout CCC’s campuses and ensures the graduate hopefuls are able to tie up their loose ends as they prepare for endeavors outside of the school’s walls.

Chris Reyes works to complete his graduation application during the final days of the fall semester. By Reet Taylor, CCC Journalism Program

Chris Reyes works to complete his graduation application during the final days of the fall semester. By Reet Taylor, CCC Journalism Program

The deadline stands as a goal post for those finishing up at Camden County, providing elation at the end of all their hard work. Christopher Reyes, second-year nursing student who has studied at all three CCC campuses and is going on to Rutgers University, described himself in the process leading up to graduation as feeling “relieved and grateful for the great opportunity and experience this college has given me. Every chance they gave I’ve taken and now I’m in good position to take the next step in my education.” He advises any others who will follow in his footsteps to “get started early. When you put it (schoolwork) together with meeting deadlines and studying for finals, it definitely puts pressure on.”

Dr. Lauren Hill, director of the Educational Opportunity Fund program and student support services at the Camden campus, encourages students to submit their applications before the deadline date for this reason: “The earlier the better is what we believe in the offices, especially since it cannot be done alone and since the application is such an imperative step. It must be done before any sort of ceremonious activities.” By the deadline, graduating students are expected to have completed their application, schedule a meeting with their program coordinator to get a signature on their graduation recommendation form and acquire copies of their transcript and degree audit so they are able to carry the packet to their appropriate academic dean.

An exact head count of all of the students turning in applications to complete their requirements for finishing CCC has yet to be determined; however, Hill stated a handful each year fail to get their paperwork in before the deadline. This is not preferred by school advisement; however, Camden County has been willing in past years to work with the students who are a little late to ensure all graduates are on their way to success.

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