Many students currently studying at Camden County College are opting to stay on campus to not only get their associates degree, but also their bachelor’s degree. This is now possible and agreement between Rutgers- Camden agreement and Camden County College.

Rutgers- Camden is now allowing students to study on the CCC Blackwood campus because of the convenience and flexibility.

“Currently, 108 students are enrolled in the four Rutgers University-Camden majors available at the Camden County College Blackwood campus,” said Adam Brown, a Rutgers academic program manager on the CCC Blackwood campus.

The four Rutgers majors currently available to students on the campus that will allow them to earn their bachelor’s degree are; business administration, criminal justice, liberal studies and psychology.

All of the programs require a completed Associates degree for admission and students are able to transfer up to 60 credits from a county college.

Anthony Haynes, a current Rutgers student who is studying forensic psychology on the CCC Blackwood campus said that he chose to stay at CCC because there is “free parking, better looking facilities, a better classroom environment, and it is closer to home”

“The timing of the evening classes makes taking classes very convenient for students who may have to work during the day.” said Brown.

“Rutgers University-Camden and CCC have an amazing relationship. Together, we offer CCC students more opportunities and more access than virtually any other college. Rutgers is proud to be at Camden County College in Blackwood,” said Brown.

CCC students do not automatically get accepted to Rutgers. They still have to apply to Rutgers to be accepted into the programs available. CCC students who complete their Associate of Arts degree or Associate of Science degree and meet Rutgers University specific minimum cumulative grade point average will be accepted into Rutgers University.

Each semester, there is about 17 to 20 courses offered to Rutgers students on the Blackwood campus.

Rutgers University and CCC currently have to plans to be known as Rutgers at Camden County College. Burlington County College has been renamed Rowan at Burlington County College, CCC will not be doing the same any time soon, opting to be known as Rutgers at Camden County College instead.

“We are going to continue to work together as equal partners to serve South Jersey with a stellar premier partnership program,” said Brown.

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