By Aniell Ortiz
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Imani Brown, a student in her second year at Camden County College, is striving to reach her goals with a focus in the major of communications.

At 19, Brown is the eldest of four siblings. She has two sisters and one brother and was born at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. She grew up in Philadelphia and relocated to Camden last year.

She attended CAPA High School, which is more formally known as the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts. She was in her first stage play at age 16. A high school sophomore at the time, she starred in a play titled “Have You Seen Her?”

Brown was enrolled in the creative writing program at the high school. Even though she didn’t feel that field of study was for her, she said, “My mom convinced me to stick with it because it could benefit me in the future.”

What she really wanted to do was get into acting and theater, but she admitted her mother was right when she got into college and realized her writing skills helped her with college assignments. Even so, in her senior year, Brown decided to apply for an internship online for radio station Power 99FM and WDAS-FM. Brown was in the internship for six months and has many memories of celebrity encounters she can recall and talk about today. For example, she got to meet and take a picture with rap artist T.I.

Brown was a part of the CCC radio station, WDBK 91.5 FM. She hosted an urban format show that included hip-hop from yesteryears as well as what is currently popular in that genre of music. She also interviewed up-and-coming artists. The show was pre-recorded and therefore didn’t have access to the phone lines. Although she enjoyed working in radio, she had to resign because of scheduling with her classes.

Brown is a full-time student, taking five classes this semester and receiving financial aid. She is a part of a work-study program located at the Blackwood campus CIM building, where she works as an assistant to the secretary of the dean. She started this work-study program last semester and has returned to it and is there for about two hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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