By Samuel Smith
CCC Journalism Program

Kyle Nardine is a psychology major at Camden County College in Blackwood N.J. Nardine resides in Blackwood where his home is just a short drive away from the campus, which allows him to spend more time with his family and four dogs. His commute is rather easy on the wallet, when it comes to paying for gas especially driving to the campus every day.


photo by Samuel Smith

Nardine spends time hitting the books.

Hitting the books
Nardine said his purpose in college is “getting good grades from studying hard,” adding he enrolled in college to learn and to invest in his future. Keeping grades up takes work, and in the scheme of life, hard work pays off in the long run.


photo by Samuel Smith

This is his home away from home (all day) during the summer.

Work outside of the college
During the summer months Nardine is employed at Clementon Lake Park. At this local amusement park, he is a shift manager of the custodial staff. His job includes making sure the park is clean and safe for the patrons. Nardine stated he enjoys “working with people, the money is OK also.”


photo by Samuel Smith

The life of a manager and director includes checking out the equipment every day.

Life within the campus
Coupled with his studies, Nardine is also the music director at the college radio station, WDBK 91.5 FM. The station manager Chris Passanante shared that “Kyle is like a right-hand man at the station.” Since coming to intern at the station Nardine has helped to keep the station format intact. Passanante also commented, “Kyle is a great example for the other DJs.”

Why Camden County College
Nardine said one reason he chose to get his education at CCC is the financial aspect. “The tuition is not extreme, compared to a four-year educational institution.” Nardine added, “Camden County College is a great place to get started, the professors and advisers help the students focus on their goals.”


photo by Samuel Smith

Nardine spends time in pursuit of a future career.

Looking ahead
Nardine’s plans may include a career in radio broadcasting. The training he received at the college radio station has inspired him to make this a possibility. Nardine said, “Learning all the ins and outs at the station have been stepping stones on this path.” Just a few things he learned are editing, promotions and spending time behind the microphone as a DJ.

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