By K. Michael Hayes
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – On Nov. 21 at noon, the Camden County College men’s basketball team will be squaring up with Union County College in an early season matchup and the local college radio station will sponsor a “black and blue out” at the game.

Station manager Chris Passanante speaks about his excitement for the “black and blue out.” By K. Michael Hayes, CCC Journalism Program

91.5 wdbk,┬áthe Camden County College radio station, is urging students to come out and support CCC athletics by running public service announcements and plugging the event on live shows during the week between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. The station is also working on getting money from its budget to buy black and blue wash towels much like the Pittsburgh Steelers’ “Terrible Towel,” that will be handed out to everyone in attendance at the game.

The student body has had a positive reaction thus far to the news about the station and athletics teaming up to support the college.

Andrew Wallis gets a unique perspective into the event as he is an on-air talent for the radio station and a student worker for the college athletics. “The team is looking good and by that time should be a powerhouse. Everyone seems excited about it and it’s a win-win for everybody involved. I’m excited to see the results from both sides,” says Wallis.

Chris Passanante is the station manager at 91.5 WDBK. “The turnout for the station has been spectacular this semester and I’m really just glad the synergy between us, the sports teams and what should be a good turnout of the student populous will be coming to a head,” says Passanante.

The game is an opportunity for the basketball team, radio station and students to promote not only their pride in Cougar sports, but their personal interests.

“I’m an avid sports fan and I go to take action shots. Basketball is great for my photos and I’m excited to support them,” says Montana Marose, a CCC communications major.

Francis “Frank” Rosa is also a communications major who expressed his excitement for the event. “I anticipate THE team to come out victorious, especially with the home crowd proudly wearing black and blue,” says Rosa.

The game will take place at noon Nov. 21 in the John Papiano Gymnasium on CCC’s Blackwood campus on Peter Cheeseman Road in Blackwood. Admission is free.

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