By Shonda Ellsberry
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – “Meet CCC” Night events have been held at Camden County College every Thursday night since May 2015.  They are informational sessions introducing the college as a place that offers a plethora of classes and certificates for individuals who are looking for a career or who simply want to continue their education.

Thursdays beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Taft Hall, visitors will find Steve D’Ambrosio, the facilitator of the event and director of admissions, along with financial aid counselor Janelle Gibson. The two team up to ensure participants are well informed about what Camden County College can offer them to achieve their goals. At the approximately 45-minute informational sessions, one can expect to address any negative stigmas conceived about community college and find out how inexpensive going to college can be. “Meet CCC” Nights seek to give good insight to traditional students right out of high school, people looking for a career change and people who want to take a class to enhance their personal growth.

“If you have real life going on, we can support that,” says Gibson. “Camden County College has classes that begin as early as 7 a.m. and the last class can be taken as late as 10 p.m.”

Gibson’s role at “Meet CCC” Nights is to speak to prospective students about the financial aid process. Gibson tries to make sure students not only look at the aspect of attending school and getting involved with activities but are fully aware of the “nuts and bolts” of the process, meaning the financial advisement part is taken care of.

“Our goal is to get the individual to the next stage of their life,” says D’Ambrosio.

The sessions in October were experimental in that the admissions office partnered with the academic division to come up with a theme each Thursday. “They were the best attended events so far,” says D’Ambrosio.

Steven M. D'Ambrosio, director of admissions, works in his office in Taft Hall. By Shonda Ellsberry, CCC Journalism Program

Steven M. D’Ambrosio, director of admissions, works in his office in Taft Hall. By Shonda Ellsberry, CCC Journalism Program

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