By Michael Penn
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College installed emergency blue lights on the Blackwood campus about two years ago to protect students and workers. The systems have two blue lights on top of a pole and a red button on a box beneath the lights. Anyone at any time can press the red button on the box to notify campus police officers. Pressing the button will also cause the lights to flash as a signal to responding officers and other people in the vicinity.

An emergency blue light stands on the Blackwood campus. By Michael Penn, CCC Journalism Program

An emergency blue light stands on the Blackwood campus. By Michael Penn, CCC Journalism Program

Two years after the devices appeared on the campus, however, some students still have concerns about them.

“I’ve seen them around school but there’s not many of them,” said Anna Good, a Camden County College student. “If I was ever to be in some sort of danger, I’d hope that there would be more so there was a better chance I could get to one. A lot of my friends don’t even know about it.”

Imani Brown, 19, another Camden County College student, has mixed opinions about the emergency blue lights. “I think it’s extremely smart to put an emergency resource around campus. If I were to ever be in an emergency situation, I would hope that I was near one because there are not a lot of them around campus.”

Brown added, “I never have been in the position where I had to use one. I don’t think the blue light would go through my head (if) I ever was in trouble.”

Said Amy Githens, a public safety representative at Camden County College, “Anything that keeps the students alert about their surrounding environment is helpful to themselves and the college. It is very useful and helpful also because the students seem to feel safer with them here.”

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