By Akenda Steward
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The minute students start up, they spark up. Students have many reasons to feel the need to smoke, an action prohibited at Camden County College, when entering and exiting the campus.

“I definitely noticed I’ve been smoking more once the semester starts. However, when I do choose to smoke, it’s either because I am stressed out about my workload or the time length of the classes are seriously a drag,” said student Brie Margeaux. “I would like to inhale a few puffs after a 2 1/2-hour chemistry class. That’s my stress reliever.”

Student Dominique Stelly agreed with Margeaux, saying, “When I took a summer course last semester, I ended up smoking like every day. Due to the class being a summer course, my workload was more than the usual fall and spring semester, because the course has a short amount of weeks to complete a lot of material. There was no break for me mentally, physically and emotionally.”

Public Safety Officer Matthew Jefferson stated, “Since smoking is not allowed on campus, many students are compliant with the rule.” He added, “Some students have the vaporizing pen or they’ll choose to go across the street, but most of them wait until they get into their car. However, if students are caught smoking, they are asked to put the smoke out. Anyone who is not compliant with doing so will have to receive a ticket, which is our last choice, because we really don’t want to give out any tickets.”

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