By Diana Cielesz
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Like everything else, the requirement for students and staff to communicate through their Camden County College email account and not a personal account pleases some and displeases others.

Some professors and students like the college email because it’s convenient to use. Others dislike it and would rather use their personal email account. Whatever side they are on, they better get used to the college email system because it’s not going away.

The college email policy affects everyone at Camden County College from students to staff. Camden County College Chief Information Officer Darrell McMillon recently explained every student is expected not only to have a college email address but also to access their account frequently.

The email is used for various reasons, from announcing school closings to promoting upcoming college events. Because every student is given an email address the first time they register for classes, all school-related information is sent through that email.

Even though the college provides an email account to students, many don’t log into the account once throughout their time at the college. Others do so infrequently.

Stephen Severance, a second-year Camden County College student, said Tuesday, “I still access my college email, but only because it’s required. Why can’t we use our own?”

Some students choose to connect with college staff through their given email because it’s mandatory.

Yasin Robin, a second-year Camden County College student and Office of Information Technology employee, found positives of having a student email. “Your college email can give you discounts in places like Best Buy if you sign up with your college email. If you register as a student with Amazon, you can get Amazon Prime for half price,” Robin said.

As a worker at OIT, Robin notices students don’t use their college email because they consider the email addresses too long to remember and the system too confusing to navigate.

Professors interact with students through the student email, as well.

Patrick Gartland, a professor at Camden County College, said, “I use the college email in order to contact everyone in my classes. By using the college email I can’t misspell someone’s email address.”

Anyone who needs help setting up their college email or changing their password should contact the help desk in the CIM building on the Blackwood campus. Its phone number is 856-374-5035, ext. 4900.

Darrell McMillon, Camden County College chief information officer, reads his email at his desk. By Diana Cielesz, CCC Journalism Program

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